Friday, September 24, 2010


I get the opportunity to watch Boston almost everyday now that Angie's summer break is over and she is now back to teaching. Although we stand in the doorway and waive and blow 'mommy' kisses as she drives away each morning, I cherish the next few hours that I get with my boy. He makes me laugh and brings me more joy than anything I can remember. We usually share a bowl of cereal, some fruit, fit in a nap, shoot some hoops, toss the baseball around, grab some snacks(slurp a dew), a lil' bit of Dora the Explorer, and try and spend some time outside.
Last week while I was stacking our winter wood supply, I watched as he played innocently and curiously outside in the dirt and grass. He often placed a casual rock or two in his mouth, only to immediately pull it out and say...KKKKKK! That is what we say for yucky. His little mind is brilliant. Every morning when Angie is done running, he joins Mommy in some cool down stretching(his favorite is the calf stretch...pushing against the wall with some serious grunting). Boston loves to shoot hoops and play ball. We are working on that 'jumper' already. He seems to like to throw the baseball with either hand...(Daddy is hoping for a lefty). It is 'ball mania' in our home...and we wouldn't have it any other way.

When he was only a couple months old I would often say to myself that I wish that I could just go out back and play catch with him or take him to the gym and play ball. Those simple joys as a daddy are now coming to pass. Life could not be much better. I do not mind being husband homemaker, captain cleaner, or daddy daycare...all of those mean I get to be with my son. C'mon bubba...lets go play!