Monday, December 1, 2008

Chad has 7 Secrets...(tagged by his wife)

1. Tis the Season: I love to peek at my Christmas gifts. I used to cut the tape on the gift wrapped boxes and check out the loot, then put a new piece of tape back on to cover my snooping. Angie is trying to break my of this rotten habit which includes(can't keep a secret, snooping, etc). This started as a child, with my brothers. Oooooh...look, another fly rod from Kirk and Kathy! YESSSSSSS!

2. I only watch sports on t.v. This is it. I don't care about any other program that may be on the boob tube. ESPN is always on. I am a sportscenter junkie. I pay 50 bucks a month for a bunch of crap channels that I don't watch, just to get the five or so channels that carry sports. Makes a lot of sense huh?!

3. I am self conscious about being bald. Still not sure about life without hair. Believe me, if I could grow it out I would. Folks, I am afraid it is what we would call the know hulk hogan style. I love hats.

4. Cant wait to have kids. It is no secret to some(Angie), but I can't wait to be a dad.

5. I've been known to write a little poetry. Exclusively for my wife Angie. I don't know if it is any good. You would have to ask her. Speaking of poetry, I haven't written any in a long while. Lets see what Santa might dream up this year...Depends on if Angie is naughty or nice...

6. Fly fishing has taken over as my #1 hobby. I never thought anything would be as fun to me as basketball. Let me introduce you to the brown trout species on the owyhee river. You might just change your mind too! I blame this sickness on my father in law...the great fly fisherman.

7. Mexican food is my favorite. Any time, any place. I would say that more than half the time Angie and I go out to eat, we choose Mexican food. Nothing better than eating tacos with my little Senorita.