Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime Fun

Boston loves to play with the neighbor's puppy. Kiko is the pup's name and he just lets Boston play with him and pet him. We used to hate this yelping pup, but after a few short bursts of Officer Ivie's pepper spray, Kiko suddenly does not bark all night and has turned out to be a friend of the family. One day we will talk Angie into getting a puppy!

Grandpa's Buddies!

Loves his Granny!

'Tubbing with da boys!

Angie and Boston went to stay in Evanston with Grandpa Kirk and Grandma Kathy for 10 days...and had a wonderful time. Boston was Grandpa's little buddy. Boston got to play with his 3 cousins, Kaleb, Cambree, and Isaac...and had tons of fun. It was good for Boston to get to play with other children. He is often the only little rascal and gets plenty of attention around here, so thanks to the cousins for being good buddies to Boston. Just for the record...10 days was too long for daddy to be home alone without his family!

Boston is finally getting to spend some time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. We were given a cute little swimming pool from Cory & Julie and he loves to swim in it.

Boston is on the verge of walking. He can stand on his own, and he even will take several steps if he decides he's in the mood. We are excited to see our families this summer and spend some good time with them. Boston is nearly a year old...I think we have at least 3 parties planned. One with us, one with the Hall side at Island park, and one with the Ivies in Arco. He may or may not be spoiled :) The jury is still out on that one!