Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Season

Angie and I are enjoying a good holiday season. We spent the week prior to Christmas(as well as Christmas) at home this year. This was the first time we didnt have to travel anywhere for Christmas since we have been married. It was rather relaxing. Angie's parents came and spent Christmas with us. My sister Lacey also came over Christmas day and spent most of it with us. We had a good time. We mostly played games and ate good food. Nothing wrong with that for holiday cheer.
After Christmas we went to Eastern Idaho to visit my family for a few days. We spent the weekend in Arco. I havent seen snow like that for many years. Well over 2 feet of snow. From there we spent a couple of dsys in Hamer with Cory and Julie and kids. It was good to see them and spend time with the little ones. From there we drove to Pocatello to see Mandy and Rocky. Angie got her hair did...It is like getting a new girlfriend everytime she gets a new I dont mind. lol! We had fun. We came home new years eve to warmer weather and no snow. We traveled the long loop to see everyone and we're glad we did. We are excited to start a new year and look forward to see what this new year brings. I had a motto for 08' that didnt turn out like I expected so I will not try and jinx myself this year.