Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Daze'

Boston got to enjoy his 1st real snow experience today! He loved every minute...except when it was time to come in. Although still a little young to truck around in a foot of snow, he was busy throwing the snowballs that Daddy would make him. It was fun to watch him experience this.

That little innocent look tells it all!

This is my Frosty the Snowman pic..."with a corn cob pipe and a button nose..."

"Snowball fight"

One happy boy!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I get the opportunity to watch Boston almost everyday now that Angie's summer break is over and she is now back to teaching. Although we stand in the doorway and waive and blow 'mommy' kisses as she drives away each morning, I cherish the next few hours that I get with my boy. He makes me laugh and brings me more joy than anything I can remember. We usually share a bowl of cereal, some fruit, fit in a nap, shoot some hoops, toss the baseball around, grab some snacks(slurp a dew), a lil' bit of Dora the Explorer, and try and spend some time outside.
Last week while I was stacking our winter wood supply, I watched as he played innocently and curiously outside in the dirt and grass. He often placed a casual rock or two in his mouth, only to immediately pull it out and say...KKKKKK! That is what we say for yucky. His little mind is brilliant. Every morning when Angie is done running, he joins Mommy in some cool down stretching(his favorite is the calf stretch...pushing against the wall with some serious grunting). Boston loves to shoot hoops and play ball. We are working on that 'jumper' already. He seems to like to throw the baseball with either hand...(Daddy is hoping for a lefty). It is 'ball mania' in our home...and we wouldn't have it any other way.

When he was only a couple months old I would often say to myself that I wish that I could just go out back and play catch with him or take him to the gym and play ball. Those simple joys as a daddy are now coming to pass. Life could not be much better. I do not mind being husband homemaker, captain cleaner, or daddy daycare...all of those mean I get to be with my son. C'mon bubba...lets go play!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Boston's Birthday Bash

Boston celebrated his 1st birthday on the 19Th of July. It is hard to believe that it has been a year already. I can't think of a better year in all of my life! Boston is so special to me and his mommy. It is often hard to put into words what that little boy means to us. I remember the day when we found out we were having a little boy, I was the happiest man alive. That feeling still exists! It was with much anticipation that we awaited his arrival. Now that he is here, Boston has been everything we had hoped he would be and more. His smile that frequents his chubby face is highly contagious. One of my most favorite times is when I'm getting home from work at 6 am and I hear his little voice coming from his crib...I quickly snatch him up and we hang out for an hour, sharing breakfast and giggles so that mommy can get another hour of much needed sleep. Times like these are what I will cherish forever.
This last year has been an extremely busy one, but it also has been our favorite. Angie and I are both very thankful and grateful that Boston came to our little family. We cannot imagine life without him. We had a few parties to celebrate his birthday. Here are some pictures to show some of the fun times we've been having.
Mommy handing him his #1 cupcake

New Tractor

Island park fun in the water

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summertime Fun

Boston loves to play with the neighbor's puppy. Kiko is the pup's name and he just lets Boston play with him and pet him. We used to hate this yelping pup, but after a few short bursts of Officer Ivie's pepper spray, Kiko suddenly does not bark all night and has turned out to be a friend of the family. One day we will talk Angie into getting a puppy!

Grandpa's Buddies!

Loves his Granny!

'Tubbing with da boys!

Angie and Boston went to stay in Evanston with Grandpa Kirk and Grandma Kathy for 10 days...and had a wonderful time. Boston was Grandpa's little buddy. Boston got to play with his 3 cousins, Kaleb, Cambree, and Isaac...and had tons of fun. It was good for Boston to get to play with other children. He is often the only little rascal and gets plenty of attention around here, so thanks to the cousins for being good buddies to Boston. Just for the record...10 days was too long for daddy to be home alone without his family!

Boston is finally getting to spend some time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. We were given a cute little swimming pool from Cory & Julie and he loves to swim in it.

Boston is on the verge of walking. He can stand on his own, and he even will take several steps if he decides he's in the mood. We are excited to see our families this summer and spend some good time with them. Boston is nearly a year old...I think we have at least 3 parties planned. One with us, one with the Hall side at Island park, and one with the Ivies in Arco. He may or may not be spoiled :) The jury is still out on that one!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing Up!

Boston continues to be the happy little boy that he has always been. He continues to bless our lives every way possible. We have been so busy lately with life that we have not had time to update our blog, so here is what has happened in the last few months.

Boston is 10 months old! He is crawling like crazy and wants to pull himself up on everything. He is into every drawer, toilet, garbage, fireplace, and anything else you can imagine, destroying the place. Hopefully one day in the very near future he learns what "NO" means! He is saying momma and dadda like crazy and loves to cuddle. He has learned that he only wants to sleep in his own bed for a few hours a night, waking up to throw a tantrum until we snag him and he is instantaneously back asleep in our bed. I swore I was going to be the dad that never let my child sleep with me....well, scratch that idea I guess.

As for myself and Angie...

Angie is finishing up another year of teaching. She has successfully managed to balance the woes of being a wonderful working mother, busily doing her best to fulfill her many roles and responsiblities. She is amazing to say the least. She seems to find time for just about everything that is important to her...even couponing. I often joke to people about her hobby...that being saving money while spending money! She does save us a ton of money. Keep up the good work babe! Angie will be finished teaching and ready for a well deserved summer break in 2 weeks.


I have been in Police training for the last few months. It has gone well. I graduated the POST academy in March and have been completing my field training with the Caldwell Police Department since. I am just about done with that stage of life and will be on my own shortly. Life as a Police Officer is interesting to say the least. I have many stories already, and surely there will be many more to come. I try not to tell too many stories, but if you are interested in sharing a laugh or two, I prolly can drum up a good one for us! On my days off, I enjoy watching Boston. We are good buddies and love the time we get to spend together. I have put fishing on the back burner for the most part due to the busy schedules and such, but look forward to some sweet summertime fishing on the Owyhee!

All in all life is great! We have loved the opportunity to be parents to Boston. We have had so much fun we are almost thinking about trying it all over again. Only thing we are waiting on is...well, time for each other! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Baby is 6 Months Old!

We have been terrible about updating our blog, so I thought I would post an update since Chad and I are now the proud parents of a six-month old baby! Boston is so much fun and is growing and learning like crazy. He had his six-month well-check yesterday, and he weighed in at 18 lb 12 oz and is 27 inches long. He is a very happy and healthy baby. He has been sitting on his own for just over a month now and loves to roll all over the place. If I turn my head for what seems like just a few seconds, I find him across the room or stuck in some random spot. He loves his rice cereal and is also doing well with veggies and fruit. Boston is sleeping pretty well--he makes it through most nights without needing Mommy or Daddy. We love our little guy so much and are very blessed to have him in our family!